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I guess the first thing everyone asks is “Do adult personals work?”. The answer? – YES! I belong to both Amateur Match and Date Match and have met LOTS of hot people. You can be as explicit or softcore in your desires as you like. And when you search through the other member’s profiles, believe me you’re going to see some stuff that will really blow your mind! And the fact that SO MANY of them are SO CLOSE to you (you search by area) will make you wonder what the hell you were doing sitting home alone all this time!
See, I live in a small southern town and finding people who liked to get kinky was a REAL problem. And going to some bar and club and trying to shout over the music just doesn’t make it for me – and besides, I’m kind of shy about asking someone I don’t know if they enjoy naughty fetish sex! And that’s the great thing about using DATEMATCH.COM adult personals, you already know people are looking for some ADULT fun or they wouldn’t belong. SO you can just say what you’re looking for and get replies back like “I’m also into that, let’s hook it up!”.

Adult Personals WORK!

Online dating has to be about the coolest thing going! Imagine being able to actually find men and women who want hot sex and fun without the bullshit of cruising bars and clubs, or god awful blind dates! Do yourself a favor and go check out either site – it’s free, you’ll see the type of people I’m talking about and if you join you’ll never be laying in bed again at night going “Damn, why does it feel like everyone ELSE is meeting people and having fun and I’m NOT?”. ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

Kinky Adult Personals
Online Dating For Adults

A final note to the ladies out there. There are plenty of nice guys (and sexy girls too) who want nothing more than a relationship with someone they feel shares their outlook on life. The beauty of both Amateur Match and Date Match adult personals is that you can be honest and upfront with your needs and desires without all the damn head games that seems to make dating such a drag sometimes. So DON’T be shy – both sites are very secure, private and totally discreet. They never give out your email or info to ANYONE. You contact people via a nickname and use the site’s email system to receive replies, so it’s safe.

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“Just wanted to drop you guys a note and say “thanks” for helping me and Charlene (my NEW girlfriend) to hook up. I never would of met her if I hadn’t tried your adult personals service. Funny thing too, she was only about four miles from where I live, but we would have never met if I didn’t stumble across your site. THANKS!” – D.K.
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